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paintings by Guglielmo Bertetta

artist Guglielmo Bertetta The beauty of wine is not only the pleasure of sharing a glass with friends and family but is also sharing the total wine country experience. The beauty of the vineyard is not only the wine produced from it but the history and culture that thrives throughout the wine country. For most of us, we only experience the fine wines and fleeting visits to a small part of the area.

Guglielmo Bertetta and Steve Ledson are cousins and share a keen interest in growing wine grapes and making fine wine.  They are often together in the vineyards during the growing and harvest seasons.  Steve concentrates on the winemaker’s interests while Guglielmo absorbs the unique artistic vistas offered by the vineyard from dawn to sunset.

We are fortunate that Steve’s and Guglielmo’s relationship transcends the time honored skills of winemaking and landscape painting.  Through this blending of skills we are able to fully enjoy the beauty of the wine country and of fine wines.

We are pleased to present the beginning of the Ledson series of paintings by Guglielmo and encourage you to enjoy the beauty of the vineyard and the wines born there.

Artwork by Guglielmo Bertetta are limited edition giclee reproductions on artist grade canvas. Giclee, a French term meaning “to spray”, is considered the best method to reproduce work of art.  The giclee method embraces the best qualities of digital photography, digital printing and high quality inks in producing a rendering with continuous tones and vivid colors unparalleled by any other print form. The giclee are produced in Sonoma, California, providing the opportunity for the artist and the giclee artisan to work closely in creating a product that is as close to the original art work as possible. The finest archival ink sets and canvas produce a museum quality reproduction which, when properly cared for and not exposed to direct sunlight, will last for over 70 years.

To purchase a giclee reproduction, please call (707) 537-3810 ext. 128 or e-mail info@ledson.com.

Amy's Vineyard Welcomes the Sun painting of Amy's Vineyard in Fog
Amy's Vineyard Welcomes the Sun
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Fog Embraces Amy's Vineyard
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painting of wine barrels painting of vineyards in Snow
Unwanted Barrels in Knights Valley
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Snow Blankets Dormant Vines
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In Olden Days Mustard with Gray Barn
In Olden Days
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    Mustard with Gray Barn
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The Tuscan Sun
Monterey Morn
The Tuscan Sun
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Monterey Morn
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The Lone Vine A Dream Vista
 The Lone Vine
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 A Dream Vista
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